If not now, when?

We have always been in the spirit of taking risk, stepping up, and making a leap.

13754179_908557055955789_8756889692372552095_nOur original plan was to wait until 2017.  I could retire at 62 in May of 2016 so why wait?

In January we upped our game plan and started the process of getting rid of stuff.  At first, it was hard, but then it became liberating.  We get so attached to things, it’s almost like our stuff owns us.

Why do we have five TV’s?  How in the world did we accumulate so much stuff in the first place.  America long ago became a culture defined by consumerism.  We are bombarded daily by advertising convincing us to buy stuff we didn’t know we needed.  We’ve all drunk the Kool Aid:  we have become a nation of hoarders, addicted to the quick-fix and disposable, leaving us with the profoundly dysfunctional relationship with our stuff.

My heart does not reside in things, nor do my hopes or sense of well-being

We put things in piles-throw away, give away, sell, or keep.  One room, one closet, one drawer at a time.   Since our HOA only allowed two garage sales per year, we needed another option.  An estate auction seemed the ideal solution.  Sell everything in one day.  Another risk but it needed to happen.

Was it successful?  Well, we didn’t make what we hoped for, but in the end it was enough!

Now what?  We moved into our 24 ft travel trailer, in a RV park close to my work.  Talk about being cramped.  Three of us, Jeff, my brother, and me plus three dogs.  Togetherness had a whole new meaning.

Since the house was empty, we could get it ready for sale.  We cleaned, scrubbed, painted, updated, well mostly Jeff did the work!

The big fifth wheel we ordered was ready sooner than expected.   The universe was being good to us!

But, then the painful waiting on the house to sell.  Four months, two realtors we finally got an offer.  Less than we hoped, but it was enough.

I decided to work a couple of more months to put more money away, but now we at least had a date for lift off!

Now to figure out our next steps…..



4 thoughts on “If not now, when?”

  1. I like the process you guys used to get ready for fulltime and then going fulltime. Was there anything one thing you might have changed?

    Everyone is telling me to setup the mailing address a few months early so you can start changing your address.



    1. Hi Mark, we also started the domicile process early with St. Brendan’s Isle, we only had to go in person for our drivers license.
      Looking back, we may have tried to sell our big items on Craig’s list, but with the auction it was over in one day!
      Have no regrets going full-time, we enjoy camphosting a few months out of the year. It helps with the budget, we meet people, and have fun!

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