What’s a domicile?

We’re Floridians!

This new lifestyle has it’s own vocabulary!

Fulltimers: people who live in an RV

Fiver:  Fifth wheel

Diesel pusher:  motor home

Full hook-ups:  campground site with electricity, water, and sewer

Boondocking:  camping without hookups, usually in national forests, deserts, BLM land for free or small fee.

Domicile: your legal residence.  Fulltimers have the option of legally declaring another state for their residence.  The advantages are saving on vehicle registration, income tax, and insurance.

We chose Florida for our domicile for the advantages listed above.  We enlisted the help of blogs I follow, Chapter 3 Travels and Wheeling It.  I love their style of writing and have learned a great deal about the lifestyle.  They are my inspiration!

This also became another overwhelming and daunting task, but we finally figured it out. First step was signing up with a mail forwarding company to get an actual address.  We chose St. Brendan’s Isle, but there are others.  We found them to be extremely helpful and affordable   Our mail is sent to them, and when we want a delivery, we tell them where and it’s sent to us.  They even get rid of the junk!  .

Once we had the Florida address, we could transfer our vehicle insurance, apply for health insurance, register the vehicles.  We would have to physically go to Florida to complete the rest and get drivers licenses.

Florida for the winter?  Not bad for our first adventure!



One thought on “What’s a domicile?”

  1. Congrats on your retirement! Love this blog and cannot wait to go on adventures with you. Please come by Mackinaw and visit? We would love to have you.


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