How’s Rick?

Everyone has been asking….how’s Rick doing with all this?

Rick is my brother with Down syndrome.  He came to live with us after my mother passed in 2004.  He lived with us for four years, then we transitioned him to an apartment in Tempe so he could participate in the ARC, a program for developmentally disabled adults.

He thrived in Tempe, living independently, working at Safeway, going to the ARC.  He also was involved with the Down Syndrome Network and Best Buddies.

So how could we take that all away from him?  It was not an easy decision.

But, again sometimes the universe comes through, the planets are in alignment, and prayers are answered.

His roommate lost his job and would have to move back in with his parents.  They would not be renewing the lease.

Rick was sad at first, he didn’t want to leave his friends. But when he heard about our traveling plans he came on board.

The last seven months have not always been easy, but with love and patience we have adjusted, knowing we would have adventures soon!



6 thoughts on “How’s Rick?”

  1. Best of luck with your surgery, Debbie! Praying God will give you patience w your recovery. You are one strong lady and I have enjoyed reading your blog. Focusing on the great adventures you will have is one great incentive. Look forward to “following” you all as you explore this beautiful country!! So happy Rick is able to enjoy this adventure with you. I know you wouldn’t have it any other way!

    Margie Flynn


      1. Look forward to seeing you in IL. Maybe we could get together when you visit Nancy Eckburg. Wondering how the surgery recovery is going….good I hope! Just a couple more days if I figure right!


  2. Everyday is a little better. My doctor friend prescribed a low dose of Ativan which helps at night! I’m reading a lot, repositioning every hour, it’s more tolerable!
    When do you think the best time for Il? We thought we’d stay about a month to visit family & friends then up through WI, around Lake MI loop, up to Canada, then over to east coast to see the grandsons, then down the coast to see fall colors, back to FL for the winter!


    1. Glad you found this process tolerable. Changing position hourly has got to help. We are home (except for a week in Dec. 9-16) until we leave for AZ Jan. 25th. R u heading straight for IL when u leave? Rest of Oct. and Nov. we r around. Just let us know. Look forward to your blog!!

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