Things were looking up until I had to look down for seven days!

Sometimes plans need to be revised, updated, or simply just changed due to circumstances beyond our control.  It’s called life!

But, WTF!!!!    I’m retiring.  Now, I have a hole in my eye?  Are you fricking kidding me?

I noticed my vision was worsening, especially the last month.  But, if it wasn’t for Jeff’s pestering, I may not have gotten the eye exam.  I just figured I needed prescription glasses, not the cheap OTC readers I had ben using since my LASIK surgery.

You can imagine my surprise and shock when the optometrist said you have a hole and need to see a retina specialist…soon.  And the news I needed surgery to save my vision.

The procedure didn’t scare me, it was the required recovery for a positive outcome.  I have to remain in a face-down position, not just one day post-op, but for 7 days, 24/7.

My initial reaction, hell no!  How could anyone do that?  Well, my attitude quickly changed when the provider asked if I preferred going blind in that eye!!!  Ok, that puts a whole new spin on things!!  Perhaps, we can consider it???

I’ve always prided myself as being one of those people who “roll with the punches”,”take what is given me”, with the attitude, it is what it is, and with the understanding, the only thing we have control of is our attitude & reaction to what we are dealt with.

I lost my father in a tragic accident when I was 15 and learned very quickly what strength, determination, fortitude, and courage meant.   When your priority is taking care of your mentally disabled brother, your distraught, unstable mother, while going to high school, you either break or become stronger.

When I complained to my grandfather about the “plight” I felt I was in and asked him, “why me?”   His reply was, “my little, Debbie…life is like playing a game of cards, you play the cards you are dealt to the best of your ability, or you pass….your choice, but I hope you choose to play.”

I have never forgotten my grandfathers words and I will never stop playing this game of life, to the best of my ability.

After talking with the surgery scheduler, I felt better.  And I can rent a massage type chair and device for the bed to help maintain the face-down position.   I’m playing my cards!!

So, I go tomorrow with a positive heart and know I can endure 7 days of being face-down!




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