Why is this so difficult?  

I have certainly endured many more emotionally painful experiences in my life: the loss of my father as a teenager, my mother’s cancer & tragic accident, not living close to my grandsons…so why was this so difficult?
Not being in control of my body position was hard.   We want to be in control of our body, our space, our comfort level.
When you are told that you must remain in a face-down position for 7 days, 24/7, it does seem impossible.

The first two days were pretty tough, I hadn’t slept for almost 48 hours.  I just couldn’t get comfortable, despite the chair and head piece we rented.  I was tormented with guilt and shame…I didn’t have cancer or other terminal illness, was not enduring painful treatments, chemo or radiation, with awful side effects.  No, all I had to do was remain in a face-down position.  I felt guilty that I was being such a wuss and a bitch!  Poor Jeff & Rck

By day three, I figured some things out, plus a doctor friend prescribed a very low dose of Ativan that helped!  My face-down position never was comfortable, but tolerable with physical and mental adjustments! And the experience was enlightening on my strength & fortitude.  

I’m visualizing lying on white sand beaches, listening to the waves, hiking mountaintops to see the beautiful landscapes below.   I reminded myself that I still have control of my mind and thoughts.  

We are still planning on lift off October 23.

Until next time….

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