Tombstone, AZ-The Town Too Tough to Die

Sometimes you just need to do the sappy, touristy trap thing.

Tombstone, AZ is one of the last frontier boom towns of the old American west.  It was rebuilt twice after two devastating fires and became a tourist attraction after WWII.

Its mostly known for the infamous shootout at the OK Corral between the Earp brothers, Doc holiday and the McLaurys and Clantons.   As with most tourist attractions, everything here is a fee.  We did opt for the enactment of the shootout, mostly for Rick’s enjoyment since he loves Western movies.

We found the Historama Theater interesting with Vincent Price narrating Tombstone’s history-the silver boom, fires, OK Corral gunfight, Geronimo’s Apaches, and assassination of Morgan Earp.

There are stagecoach tours, silver mine tours, and ghost tours.

We ended the afternoon at Big Nose Kate’s Saloon for lunch and a beer.   There was live entertainment and Rick even got to request his favorite Western song, “Happy Trails”.

So, it may not be one of those “bucket list”, must see kind of things, but it was a fun afternoon!

Happy Trails!

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