Workin’ & Playin’ in Delaware!


Part 1 The Workin’

We volunteered at Delaware Seashore State Park, Rehoboth Beach from May 1 thru July 31.  It’s a beautiful park situated on an inlet between the Atlantic Ocean, Indian River Bay and Rehoboth Bay.


Our site was on the north side, 5 min walk to the beach, 2 min walk to the bay, and 10 min. walk to the Marina/Restaurant & Bar.  Not a bad place to be for the summer!

The commitment for a FHU site was for 24 hr, but we barely worked 15-18.  It simply didn’t take that much time to complete the required duties.  Jeff mowed & used the weed-eater, Rick and I distributed the reservation cards, made sure campers left on time, answered questions, picked up trash at the campsites and along the bay walkway where people fished.  We shared the duties with another couple and covered each other on days off.  Our loop only had 43 sites for us to maintain.  We also checked the bathhouse and kept it stocked (contracted crew did the daily cleaning.)

The South side is the older part, sites are closer together and it can flood with a lot of rain.  IMO the North side is nicer!



Sites are paved, as you can see not much grass to mow and no fire pits to clean!  Basically we got a little exercise and talked to people. We felt guilty about not working the “required” hours, but the Rangers assured us as long as the park was maintained and clean, they were happy!  They constantly thanked us for a job well done.   So we stopped with the guilt and enjoyed ourselves!



We also helped with the weekly beach bonfire and ghost crab hunt!


Indian River Marina and Hammerhead Dockside Restaurant/Bar.




We enjoyed a few Friday Happy Hours at Hammerhead, listening to the live entertainment and watching the boats come in.



The beautiful Indian River Inlet Bridge lit up at night.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and would highly recommend it, for both visiting or camphosting.  The out of state summer rate is $49 per night, that would have been $1470 for one month, so we saved a lot.  It’s a very popular park that is fully booked a year out.

Next up….the Playin’ Part 11


19 thoughts on “Workin’ & Playin’ in Delaware!”

    1. Not a place to be if you have a pet. We carried our injured dog in a wagon but got run off the Boardwalk and the beach. We’ll never visit Delaware beaches again. It will never compare to the clean, friendly, public, dog friendly, uncrowded beaches in Oregon and Washington.


      1. Sorry to hear about your experience. Were you at the beach in Rehoboth where the boardwalk is? Our beach at the campground is dog friendly, it’s a public day use area plus free access for the campers. Lots of dogs here at Delaware Seashore State Park and beach!


      2. We’ve also had great experiences with our dogs at Delaware Seashore State Park. We stay on the north side where dogs are welcome on the beach. We love walking our dogs on the beach and they seem to really enjoy it.


  1. Sounds like you found a wonderful camp hosting position! We also enjoy hosting and have spent the past eight summers as interpretive hosts on Lopez Island (off the coast of Washington state). As you said, it’s nice to save on the campsite fees, and it’s also great to not have to deal with traveling in the summers. Good to know you don’t have to clean bathrooms. 🙂 Your weekly bonfire looks like fun!

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  2. I am pretty sure we looked into staying at that campground our first time down the east coast and by the time I tried to get reservations months before, it was completely booked up. I remember being shocked at the time, but I can definitely see the appeal. Looks like a beautiful park in a great location and sounds like you got an awesome work camping deal (no bathroom cleaning and less hours than expected? Nice!) Whenever we make it back to the east coast, we’ll definitely try to stay there – now I know I need to make reservations a year out!


    1. It has truly been the easiest gig so far. The campers here come back every year & book for the next year before they leave. We didn’t have one issue with unruliness, occasionally had to remind campers of check-out time….they hate to leave!!

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  3. Sounds like you’ve been having a wonderful summer. We hope to go full time within the next 2 years, so the information is much appreciated. We love Delaware Seashore State Park and make it a point to camp there at least once a year.


  4. Looks like a great place to volunteer, glad you were able to get your beach fix in. After IA we’ll be won’t be volunteering for a year….too much traveling. We did talk Lake Shelbyville into taking us for Oct 2019 for a month, we’ll be doing trail maintenance while we visit my folks.


  5. Even if you aren’t camping, their cottages on the north side are Wonderful. Stayed there 2 years ago. Screened porches on the inlet, fireplaces in the fall and winter, full kitchen, 2 bedrooms, loft and handicapped bath. I want to go again. ☺


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