A Step Back in Time: Visiting Gettysburg & Amish Country

I have to admit I wasn’t as excited about visiting Gettysburg as Jeff was.   Why be reminded of such an awful time in our history, the bloodiest battle of the Civil War where more than 50,000 soldiers lost their lives?  Then I remembered the saying at the Holocaust Museum in D.C., “Think about what you saw”.

As with most National Parks, this one is done very well.  We started with the Visitor’s Center and Civil War Museum.   I regret not seeing the Cyclorama, a massive, oil on canvas painting depicting the “Battle of Gettysburg” on July 3, 1863, providing the viewer of what occurred at the battle.   But, the line was too long and we wanted to tour the 25 miles of battlefield.


The monuments are presented with incredible detail and some even had volunteers that gave talks and answered questions.  You can’t help but be moved by the historical significance of the battles and Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address.



We really could have easily spent several days here, but Mother Nature did not agree and our visit was shortened by rain.


We spent a day in Lancaster County, visiting an Amish farm.  Rick enjoyed the buggy ride and seeing the animals.


Jeff was very impressed with this farm that does not use electricity, only a diesel fueled generator and mules.  He worked on a dairy farm when he was in high school and said it was a lot of work, even with electricity and tractors.  We found the Amish very friendly and engaging.

School transportation!

I wanted to spend more time touring the countryside, especially finding the iconic covered bridges of the area.  But, again the weather did not cooperate.  Now, if I was more of a spontaneous RVer and did not have the month already booked, we could have adjusted our plans and perhaps stayed longer.   But, I have not found the balance between booking our sites ahead of time and just winging it.  Admittedly, I am too anal.  The other reason is since we prefer National and State Parks, you must have advance reservations, sometimes several months prior.  At this point in our travels, I’m not ready to take a chance of where we will end up!

Another disappointing issue with this post is my pictures.  I recently purchased a new camera, Panasonic Lumix FZ300.  It’s a great camera, I’m just learning all the functions & settings, trying to jump out of the Auto mode!!  I often drool over my blogger friends pics and have been motivated to improve.  And I think it’s always good to learn and develop new skills!  I’ve been frantically watching YouTube videos and reading photography guides because our next stop is Niagara Falls!

Until next time…….


15 thoughts on “A Step Back in Time: Visiting Gettysburg & Amish Country”

  1. I think you were right to make sure you had reservations. The east coast in the summer is tough and if you were looking for last minutes spots, you might have ended up with nothing, or having to move spots over and over. Gettysburg is beautiful though and I, too, would love to have more time to spend there. We never did visit one of the farms. Definitely a cool thing to do. As for photography, you might want to check out the photo editing program ‘Lightroom.’ You can fix a lot of problems with Lightroom. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you know how to use it, it’s extremely powerful software.


    1. Thanks, really hoping to improve. Photography is such a great hobby for our travels. I wasn’t that interested in it prior to going FT and I started reading blogs and seeing other’s beautiful photos. Like yours!


  2. I’m usually not as eager to visit historical sites based on wars as my husband is. He’s the history buff. I have NEVER shot a successful image on manual! These digital cameras have all the settings that make our travel photography easy. Since you are back east and dealing with overcast or cloudy skies, I like to set the ‘white balance’ instead of leaving that on auto. Also, most of the time, I use “P” mode or “Scenery”. AND of course, all photos need a little editing.


      1. I too used Picasa for the longest time … so easy. I switched to Photogshop Lightroom 6 when Google stopped supporting Picasa. Love the editing abilities in LR and wish I had switched sooner.


  3. Dave is more the war museum type, me not so much. We spent a few days touring Gettysburg, something I hope as a country we never repeat. Dave uses auto all the time and then works with the program that came on the laptop. With practice it’ll get easier.


  4. Graham Houghton has outstanding YouTube tutorials on Panasonic Bridge Cameras. As for editing photos I use a free program called PhotoScape. The learning curve is a snap. It does a great job at sharpening, color correction and red-eye removal in addition to dozens of photo manipulation filters. Check out the filters I applied to the photograph of a little boy touching a giant bubble in “Sunset Bubbles and Silhouettes”.


      1. The FZ200 is capable of taking great pictures. The bulk of my photos were taken with the Panasonic, and all were edited with PhotoScape. If you need help with the editing software feel free to ask. I’ve noticed that my Canon pics need little or no touch-up.

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