3 weeks in Maine-Lobstah & Wild Blueberries

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Sagadahoc Bay Campground

Last winter when we started planning our New England trip, we knew that Acadia National Park would be the main destination in Maine, but I also wanted to stay a few days at a park that had waterfront sites with easy access to launch my kayak.

I really try not to have any expectations of a campground or particular site that we’ve never been to.  Websites and reviews can be deceiving or misleading.  Nevertheless, I had high hopes for this one on the coast of Maine.  img_2172

Leaving Boston a day early due to the oppressive heat and humidity, I was very pleased that the owner of Sagadahoc Bay could accommodate us.

Then we arrived…..we had reserved one of eight FHU “waterfront” sites.  Jeff could tell immediately I was disappointed.  He said, ” well there is water in front of our site”.   Did I detect a hint of sarcasm?  I replied, “Yea, but over 150 ft. away?   This is a water view site not waterfront.  It’s false advertising.”  He doesn’t get what the big deal is….”you have a dolly to carry your kayak down to the beach”.  He doesn’t share my love of the ocean or enthusiasm for kayaking.  He’ll occasionally go out with me, if the conditions are right-a small lake, no wind and smooth as glass.   Guess a near drowning experience in Hawaii in your 20’s can do that to a person!!

My argument-I splurged for this site so I could launch easily and a campground shouldn’t say waterfront when it’s only water view.   It’s the principle, right??

see what I mean?  clearly, water view!!  our rig is the 2nd from the left with the clamshell

After we got set-up, I calmed down and started getting excited for our friend Al’s visit.  She shares my love and enthusiasm for the ocean and kayaking!  We actually met on the water over 10 years ago, at Tempe Town Lake, AZ at our first Dragon-boat practice and have been friends ever since.  Despite over 20 yrs. age difference, we just click!  We enjoy the same things,  paddling, hiking, & adventures.  Rick just adores her.  She always has time to talk with him, really converses and listens.  It means a lot to me.

She even does puzzles with him!

We did enjoy our stay here.  Went on a couple of hikes in search of wild blueberries, but only found a handful.  Fortunately, you can find them at roadside stands.  They are smaller than store bought, but so much sweeter.

We took the kayaks out when the tide was high.

when the tide is low, you could walk out on the mud flats

We looked for lighthouses and lobster rolls.   P1000518

We checked out Five Islands Lobster Co. but it had ridiculous  tourist prices.

Found cheap ones at the local grocery store….not the best but satisfying! img_2049

Spent an afternoon at Reid State Park.

And the best deal……………….lobsters, cooked and delivered to our campsite!  less than $8 per lb.

What day is it?

Since retiring, I don’t always know what the date is or even what day it is, but I do pay attention to our departure dates……usually.  I recall the first text I received from Al regarding her visit: I can come on the first and leave on the fifth.  Perfect, I replied.  We leave on the fifth as well.  Later, she wrote that she could come on the 31st and would leave the day after Labor Day.  I had it in my head that still was the fifth, Jeff’s birthday.

Al gets up early and leaves, we continue to pack up.  As we are doing the last check-antenna down, awnings in, windows closed and just before Jeff is going to back up the truck to hook-up the rig, I remember it’s his birthday.  Oh, so sorry.  I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday.  What? he says.  It’s not till tomorrow.  What do you mean, today is the fifth, right?  Wrong.  Are you kidding???   Rick and the pups are in the truck….waiting.

So, what do we do now?  Can’t get into Acadia till the next day, this place is already paid for.  We unpack, the bare minimum.   The dogs are actually pissed, they refuse to even look at us.  They love to travel to new places, well they like to SMELL new places & pee on things! The neighbors think we’re nuts!

 Would I recommend this campground?  Absolutely.

  • The owners are extremely accommodating
  • no extra charge for another adult or vehicle
  • small, quiet campground on a bay
  • cheap lobster delivered to your campsite
  • Jeff got to fly his drone

A great, relaxing stay on your way to the more popular destinations.   Just remember, it’s WATER VIEW!!

next up….Acadia National Park

11 thoughts on “3 weeks in Maine-Lobstah & Wild Blueberries”

  1. OMG!!! Rick and I are laughing soo hard! I can’t even finish reading the post to him! Totally something we would do!! Glad it all worked out at that campground. Pics and reviews are soo deceiving and we try to come in with low expectations. Haven’t been too dissapointed.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That was definitely water view, not waterfront! But glad you were able to get out and kayak—we’ve carried our 75-pound tandem kayak long distances to get it into the water. One of these days we’ll get wheels for it. 🙂 Looks like you had a great time, and lobster delivered right to your site? Yes, please!!


  3. Ha! If it makes you feel any better, we showed up a day early for one of our recent reservations…. just had a huge brain fart and had it in my head that our reservation started one day when it actually started the following day. Luckily, they were able to accommodate us, but yeah… we looked like idiots. 😃 I hope you will leave a review on Campendium for this campground you stayed at. Obviously, what you saw on their website was misleading. It’ll help others if you post your pictures of the reality. Anyway, sounds like you all had a great time and I’m looking forward to hearing about Acadia. It was one of our favorite places!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad I’m not the only one who has brain farts!!! I thought about doing a review, on one hand the owners are super nice & the place was actually pretty good, but they should not say waterfront!! So I will pass the info along!


  4. I totally get about what day it is, haven’t got one mixed up yet but I know it’s only a matter of time. Glad you were able to get the kayak out and enjoy a paddle with Al. Dave is looking forward to the lobstah, me no I’ll see what I shrimp I can find. Waterfront and water view are two different things, glad it all worked out for you though.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What’s today? The usual morning question, so I get it when you say you would not know what day it is when you see the sun shining.
    Lobstah! We did not get a water view, or even a waterfront view but we bought fresh lobsters and cook it ourselves. Ever since I tasted Maine Lobster, I do not look at nor buy nor eat any other lobster!
    You are so funny, but I think you should write up about misleading advertisement 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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