Acadia National Park: Schoodic Peninsula

The Unspoiled, Uncrowded Side of Acadia

In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks-John Muir

Schoodic Woods Campground

This campground & site exceeded all expectations, unlike the last one! We were in the B loop, many sites are parallel or pull-through, and are large and private and beautiful.  This had to be my favorite one of all year.

The park opened in 2015 after a decade long effort to protect the 3,200 acre tract that abuts Acadia.  Development of a resort, hotel, golf course, and luxury villas was thwarted by an anonymous buyer (operating as Schoodic Woods, LLC).  They purchased the land and spent two years constructing the campground along with 8.5 miles of bike paths and 4 miles of hiking trails, then generously donating the 1,400 acres of easement to the United States to be managed by the National Park Service as part of Acadia National Park.  Wow…there are good people in the world who want to preserve beautiful lands and not just make a profit!

We have visited many beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous, jaw dropping places this year, but I think Acadia has to be at the top of the list.  Or at least in the top five.  At every turn, or around each curve was another awesome sight.  I was awestruck.    P1000549



We biked the six mile one way loop and the network of eight mile 16 ft. wide bike trails.  There is a network of 7.5 miles of hiking trails that lead across the Peninsula, from Winter Harbor terminating on the southern end of Blueberry Hill.  After a challenging steep climb from the East Trail, you are rewarded great views from Schoodic Head.  Compared to the busy MDI, we hardly saw anyone on our hikes and bike rides.


Peninsula Loop

Hike to Schoodic Head

we took the ferry to Bar Harbor


Pickled Wrinkle

It’s always fun meeting & connecting with fellow FTimers.   No matter what the age difference is, you have so much in common.  That certainly was true with Heather & Paul, a young couple who travel and work remotely we met in the campground.  Heather and I went on a short hike and they invited us to join them for dinner on our last night.  Locals had recommended the Pickled Wrinkle in Birch Harbor.   Pickled Wrinkles are actually an old Down-east Maine delicacy.  They are large carnivorous sea snails which are pickled.  Paul had to try them!  It was a fun evening with great food, conversation, and laughs.

next up….Acadia in Bar Harbor

4 thoughts on “Acadia National Park: Schoodic Peninsula”

  1. We’re planning to spend next September in Maine, and the Schoodic Peninsula is where we’re thinking to spend a week or two. So I’m thrilled to see your post and to hear how much you loved it! I’d like to visit Bar Harbor (last time I was there was 25 years ago!) but we would much rather be based on the peaceful side of Acadia. It looks so beautiful from your photos!

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    1. Schoodic is beautiful, quiet & more relaxing than the crowded MDI…we loved the solitude. That being said, there are less hikes here, less to do. Depends on what you’re looking for…less crowds, but picturesque scenery, awesome campground. Bat Hathor is a busy, crowded tourist town. But, if you want to access the main Acadia, that’s what you do. My next blog is about that!


  2. So jealous you got to stay at Schoodic. By the time we learned it existed, we couldn’t get in. I didn’t know about its history… so interesting! I just assumed it was a government built campground. I agree – nice to know there are people still willing to do things like that. Your photos are beautiful. We are on the Oregon coast now and, perhaps not surprisingly, it looks very similar in certain places. One of my favorite types of environments. Just gorgeous.

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    1. Thanks!! We learned about the history from a volunteer in the Research Center. There is so much separation between sites, you feel like you’re all alone in the forest. Complete solitude! Can’t wait to visit the Northeast one year. We need to slow down next year. A common theme this summer has been, “wish we could stay longer”. Looking forward to your post on Oregon!

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