Two of our favorite fun purchases, E bikes and kayaks

img_1566I know what your thinking….what’s the point of an electric bike if you want exercise?  We love bike riding but, found that the older we got, the harder it was to go uphill and go for long rides.  I read a post about E bikes,  they were gaining in popularity for commuters biking to work and people who wanted/needed the assistance.

After researching several brands, we decided on  Rad Power Bikes.  The company is based in Seattle and offers direct to consumer pricing, reducing the large retail markup.  We compared them to the higher priced Pedago Electric Bikes

The Pedago is top of the line but more than twice the price of the Rad Power and I just couldn’t justify the cost.  Plus, I liked the philosophy behind Rad Power, eliminating the third party seller, keeping costs down, but still offering great customer service.  I never found one negative review about the company or the bikes.

Jeff got the RadRover and I got the smaller, folding RadMini.  At the time they didn’t have a Step-Thru and I was afraid I was too short for the Rover.  I see now they have a Step-Thru for the same price.  They both have 750W geared hub motors and 48V Lithium-ion battery that will last 25-45 miles on one charge.  There are two modes; pedal assist with 5 levels of assist and a twist grip throttle when you really need power.  It has an on/off button to prevent accidental activation and allows you to only use the throttle when you want to,  I tend to use pedal assist 1-2 , maybe 3-4 if going up a steep hill and feel like we are actually getting more exercise with these than our old bikes.  We’ve gone 10-15 miles, never would have lasted that long before.  There are so many locations that have beautiful, paved bike paths that go on for miles.

We’ve enjoyed many scenic rides, along 30 A Florida’s Emerald Coast, around the entire Mackinac Island,  the foothills in Tucson, AZ, and the Lake Between the Lakes in KY to name a few.

Prior to going full-time, we had hard shell kayaks that we transported on top of the truck pulling a travel trailer without any issues.

But, they had to be positioned closer to the front of the truck with the fifth wheel.  On our first trip through New Mexico, we lost them to a huge gust of wind.  It ripped the kayaks and Thule racks right off, we just looked at each other and said WTH!!  There was no shoulder to pull off to try to recover them.  Fortunately, no one was behind us, no injuries or damage.  I was really bummed, not just about losing 3k, but not having a kayak for our first trip to Florida.

I started researching inflatable kayaks, thinking that would be the obvious solution.  But, I was really worried if they could track as well as the hard shell.   I discovered Sea Eagle kayaks and inflatable boats.  They have many price points, whether you are a beginner or experienced.  The company has awesome customer service and are very helpful.  I talked with them a few times before deciding on which one I wanted.  I ended up choosing the FastTrack due to their shape and NeedleKnife keel for improved performance and tracking.  They are extremely durable and have a 3 year warranty.  We got the tandem size to have enough room for gear and the pups. I absolutely love it!  Even considering getting the QuikSail attachment since we are currently in Delaware and there is great kayaking in the windy bay.

If you love to kayak and have limited options of transporting them, I recommend inflatable!